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Iran is not what you think. Here are some links to facts you won’t hear the mainstream media tell you about Iran.

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Some inconvenient facts about Iran you won’t know about from the usual blather:

Significant improvement in life for ordinary Iranians since the 1979 Islamic revolution as measured by the UN Human Development Index 

Teaching evolution in Iran 

Fastest scientific growth in the world 

Significant drop in child mortality since the 1979 Islamic Revolution

Progressive treatment programs of drug addicts 

Literacy gains since the Islamic Revolution

Access to free contraceptives (FYI Iran has the Mideast’s only condom factory)

Model sustainable population control program 

Alternative “green” energy programs

Free and mandatory pre-martial counseling and family planning

12th largest automobile maker in the world 

Iran has manufactured about 3 million cars that run on natural gas, more than the US

Expansion of public housing

Expansion needle exchange programs (UNDER AHMEDINEJAD’S TEHRAN MAYORSHIP)

Massive rural healthcare programs, adopted in the US as a model

AIDS prevention programs

Expansion of employment for women

Iranian women making up more than majority of University graduates


Stem Cell research

Nanotechnology research

Most Iranians DO support their government

US armed Saddam with chemical weapons 

US tried to shift blame for his gassing of the Kurds onto Iran 

Iran has repeatedly offered peace concessions to the US, including recognizing Israel, but has been ignored

Iran does need nuclear power

Iran’s nuclear program started with the encouragement and support of the US because it makes economic sense.

Most countries of the world support Iran’s right to enrich its own fuel, have criticized latest IAEA reports as being politicized. 

There is no real evidence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran, now, or before 2003, ACCCORDING TO IAEA HEAD ELBARADEI

It is Iran that has been threatened with being “wiped out” - by the US using nuclear weapons, and by Israel when Netanyahu compared Iran to the “Amalek”, the people that God supposedly commanded to be massacred by the ancient Jews 

Israel supports crazy religious anti-semitic creeps who seek a war on Iran to bring about "end times prophecy"

Iran’s military spending is a fraction of most of its neighbors, and a tiny tiny fraction of the US military budget

Iran’s economy is growing 

There was no real evidence that the 2009 elections in Iran were “fixed” or “rigged”

Iranians support their government and their nuclear program

Predictions of an imminent Iranian nuclear weapon go back decades

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