Sowing Doubt

Because everything deserves criticism.
"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe."
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A life full of compromise

She’d grown quite accustomed

to fulfilling all the filthy needs

of men with buttoned bellies.

- Start at the bottom

but unlike the others

she’ll go somewhere

it’ll all be worth it

just a couple more months



and it’ll all have been worth it

"all have been worth it"

she mumbles, the core of her dissent

expressed in whispers

over steaming coffees but one day

her mumbles will be echoed

and so, she mumbles

"all have been worth it"

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Through the sill lined with chlorophyll

A man bums (burns?) a cigarette

at the tropical cafe sketching.

a lifetime of regrets, happy-ness, & consequence

The small red ember not extinguished

even once the butt is smashed and left

A life of wisdom expressed in eyelights

and well kept facial hair.

What are his regrets?

What compromises and contradictions

must he have endured?

Only those eyes know and only that

beard knows, but if the rest could

read that beard and scan that disc

they’d know much more, accept much more,

and who knows maybe take care of the poor.

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All you fuckers that say you don’t like politics and don’t care. This is why you suck.

All you fuckers that say you don’t like politics and don’t care. This is why you suck.

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Each Javelin round costs $80,000 …

Each Javelin round costs $80,000 …

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Australian obscenity laws skew public opinion of what a normal vulva looks like. Labia minoras are being photoshopped out of every image showing female genitalia. And it’s not just airbrushing, we’re talking clone stamp tool, get those weird vaginas out of the public eye.

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New Team Supreme with FuzZ and friends. These cats are all playing tomorrow night at La Cita in downtown LA. Should be a rad time.

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